How do you announce a press release?

Plus, get inspired by recent press releases from real brands. Ready to start writing great press releases? In this press release, the ITC also states that it is the only organization in the world that has tested positive for water for 17 years, and that its Water Management System cumulatively covers 10.87 lakh of acres, benefiting more than 3.20 lakh people in 15 states. The press release is important, as this is the first time that the world's largest oil and gas company has announced its sponsorship with a major sporting event. Honeywell, in this press release, communicates how it is temporarily moving manufacturing operations at two chemical manufacturing plants to produce and donate hand sanitizers to government agencies.

In this press release, Microsoft announced the release of 18 games for Xbox 360 and 13 accessories for Xbox 360. Remember, sometimes less is more, and that's definitely the case when it comes to writing a good press release. This press release includes an overview of the range of iPhone cases that can eliminate unwanted lint, dander and pet hair with just a swipe of your finger. This press release marks an important opportunity for Mastercard to offer an enriching experience to fans worldwide.

A press release announcing the rebrand can help ease the transition to this new phase of your business. From COVID updates to cryptocurrencies, what the media will cover is extensive, but it's the hook of your story that will make your press release stand out. With Semrush Marketplace, you can easily order your press releases from writers who know how to create a message to capture the journalist's “A-HA” moment. A salesperson may have the best press release in history, but if the sales pitch goes to the wrong journalist, all the benefits of investing in marketing will be lost.

We have compiled some examples of press releases about product launches from companies such as Siemens, Microsoft, General Motors and Nike to show you the variants of a press release about a product launch. With this press release, Nike released the NikeLab NIKE AAE 1.0 jersey, which uses computer design to merge a series of body maps and form a motion-based fabric pattern, radically changing the conventional process used to make a typical t-shirt. By following a standard press release structure, you ensure that a journalist knows how to find what they are looking for in your press release and allow them to quickly determine if they want to cover your ad. In addition to capturing the attention of the media, writing a press release offers several additional benefits.

When formatting a press release, you should write it in a fresh and direct way so that a journalist who can write about it can imagine it as an article on their news site.

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