What is the structure of a press release?

In order to write a winning press release, you also need to understand the structure of the press release. An effective press release must contain a deadline in the first line of the first paragraph of the content. The journalist needs to know that he is receiving the most up-to-date information. The body consists of two or more paragraphs that explain every detail of the information you want to share, make it interesting using statistics, quotes and high values.

This is the final element of an effective press release: you have a potential customer: give them a clear call to action so they can interact with you. Whether it's a young person talking about how happy he is to have won an apprentice position or a CEO analyzing the latest financial results, it's a good idea to make the people quoted in a press release look real. Like writing the perfect title for a blog post, setting up your press release to be successful starts with your title. This template includes press release templates based on the type of announcement your company wants to make, whether it's a new product, a partnership, or a change within your organization.

There are specific guidelines for drafting a press release that covers everything from the angles of the news to the structure of the press releases. So, instead of thinking of a press release solely as a means to get news coverage, consider it a valuable piece of marketing content. Whether you've opened a new office, moved, or are opening for the first time, announce the details with an opening press release. One way to ease the transition is to announce the rebrand with a press release that includes details about what is changing, the reason the change is being made, the dates when the changes take effect, and appointments from the management team.

One thing to remember is that press releases are in the public domain, meaning that stakeholders and customers can view them. If your company is undergoing an organizational change notable enough to draft a press release, you can use it to inform stakeholders about the company's potential growth. A recent study conducted by PR management software brand Prezly found that the average open rate of emails with “tagged” press releases had a 2% higher open rate than those “without a label”. Special thanks to Silvia Sarapuu, public relations executive at PRLab, for sharing her experience in the press releases.

The organizational change is notable enough to justify a press release, especially to inform current and future stakeholders about a company's growth and trajectory. These professionals usually have existing relationships with the press and may be able to obtain media coverage more easily. But how can you make that happen for your business? How do you attract the attention of local news, let alone publications like The New York Times? You can simply focus on your business and hope to get the attention of a journalist, or you can speed up the process by writing a press release. Next, we'll share some tips on how to structure and format your post to give your brand the exposure you need.

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