What does a good press release include?

A good press release includes a headline, a deadline, the body of the press release, and repetitive text in the correct format, such as an AP-style press release. A good press release should adopt a fact-based tone and be brief and concise, giving the journalist the gist of the story. They will be in touch if they want more information. If you receive news content well and write in the style of the publication, you'll have a good chance of getting your story across. To keep up the hype, you can launch a second wave of distribution by sharing the specific stories that the media write based on your press release.

If you publish your press release on a distribution service such as PR Newswire or Business Wire, avoid publishing it every hour (e.g., just like writing the perfect title for a blog post, preparing your press release for success starts with the headline). Jason Gilbert, senior editor of Fusion, points out that “press releases, unlike presentation emails, should be comprehensive. While the first paragraph of your statement should explain who, what and where, the second paragraph should cover why. A process that involves relating your press release to something that is currently happening in order to make it more valuable to the journalist and the reader.

When formatting a press release, you should write it in a fresh and direct way so that a journalist who can write about it can imagine it as an article on their news site. One way to ease the transition is to announce the rebrand with a press release that includes details about what is changing, the reason the change is being made, the dates when the changes take effect, and appointments from the management team. To be honest in this regard, ask a colleague to read the statement without context and ask him to convey the information to you. At the end of the press release, you'll find additional context about each company's market share and how this acquisition will affect the industry.

So, instead of thinking of a press release solely as a means to get news coverage, consider it a valuable piece of marketing content. The organizational change is notable enough to justify a press release, especially to inform current and future stakeholders about a company's growth and trajectory. Throughout the press release, you receive quotes from the leaders of both organizations, who help explain the benefits of this acquisition and how it will move the industry forward. This press release includes information about the company and why it was awarded the award, information about the award itself, and details about the ceremony (if applicable).

This template includes press release templates based on the type of announcement your company wants to make, whether it's a new product, a partnership, or a change within your organization.

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