When to do press release?

When you promote an event, send a communication as far in advance as possible. Follow up a week in advance, a couple of days before, and on the same day. But only for heavily attacked journalists who have a history of covering similar events. The time of day can also make a difference.

The best time to send a press release is between 10 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. Although this is an extended period of time, studies have shown that email opening rates will begin to decline after lunchtime. Cision also recommends sending your communication after the end of the time. Staggering the time you send your press release can help you stand out in a journalist's inbox.

The body should also be short enough that you can copy and paste it when you send a press release via email, as the publishing industry generally doesn't like attachments. A press release must reveal something new or “newsworthy” to capture the attention of both the media and its audience. Usually, these events are of global or national importance, so the best time to send out press releases about them is immediately. Writing an effective press release can be the key to building your brand reputation, getting media coverage, and increasing your online presence.

In addition to writing a statement, you should know how to send a press release to publish your news and get additional coverage. If your press release is not due to be released immediately, you should wait until Thursday to send it. Mondays are often busy and overwhelming in the publishing world, so choosing the first day of the week won't be useful if you send a press release via email. A distribution platform instantly distributes or sends your press release to thousands of reporters, journalists, blogs, influencers, and media outlets.

If your budget is too tight, consider using one of the best free news release distribution services. Another thing to consider is the time zone; you're likely to send your statement to more than one person across the country or around the world, so you should adjust your press release schedule to match the journalist's local time. Email your press release and proposal directly to your list, distribute them for maximum multimedia content through a press release distribution service, share them on your website and on social media, and track performance metrics to measure your success. The biggest mistake you can make when sending a press release is not providing interesting or newsworthy coverage.

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