What is press release with example?

Monday to Friday 00 (3 556) 77 88 31 In the context of a press release about the “product launch”, you should make it appear very quickly, even in the title if possible, if not in the first paragraph, how the product is innovative. Because innovation is only likely to attract the journalist's attention. Innovation can reside at different levels. First product in a country or geographical area, first product at European level, first product in the world market.

It can also be a technological innovation. Or a set of technologies that defines a new and real technology. The examples of press releases and the template of press releases below illustrate this. Although we cannot correctly speak of a “product” in this example, we can assimilate it because it is held “in the hand”.

Honestly, the document is a bit “indigestible”. The first paragraph is 10 lines thick. The human eye doesn't like this kind of presentation. Because the eye must strive to explore the lines.

It is obvious that there is a line missing in the middle of the paragraph. The press release for the launch of a service follows the same rules as for the launch of a product. The message should quickly indicate what problem this service offers as a solution. It is important to propose a “press invitation” to the attacked journalists.

It can be a free ticket, an invitation to the launch cocktail, etc. . Because everyone is interested in those with whom large companies sign trade agreements. The media like numbers, statistics because they are very easy to process.

Whenever the “source” of these figures or statistics is credible. Therefore, you must be able to justify your statistics with a sufficient amount of data source to be able to brag about reliable statistics. Press releases about a company's economic performance are the easiest to write. It's classic “corporate” news.

Acquisitions or mergers are important events in the growth of a company or in the maturation of a market. This is called the market concentration phase. To find out if your release is effective and clear, there is a simple method. Give your freedom to someone who doesn't know the subject.

Then leave the document in front of him for 10 seconds and then ask him to summarize in two sentences what the document is about. A press release is a clear and concise document that objectively summarizes a fact, product or event. The press release should allow, in a few seconds, someone who knows nothing about the subject to understand what it is about. The press release is not intended to sell.

The press release is intended to inform in an objective manner. Remember that you are not the only one who wants to have a media recovery, you should know that journalists have more information than they have space in their media. Therefore, you compete with all other press releases. The journalist will tend to focus on clear, intelligible and airy topics.

A good test is to send your press release to someone who doesn't know anything about you. You should be able to understand it in a few seconds. If you impose a boring read on it, it's likely that you'll move on to the next press release. A few seconds should be enough to capture his attention and invite him to continue reading.

The title should be clear, brief. Do not exceed twenty words in the title. In fact, if the date does not appear clearly, the journalist runs the risk of doubting the freshness of this news. You won't make the effort to check this article, so you'll prefer to upgrade to the next version.

A good way to demonstrate that your brand or company is also actively involved in your community and in your values is to create press releases that show your activity in favor of social and promotional causes, such as charities or programs for disadvantaged people. If everything goes according to plan and the media pick up your press release, your work isn't finished yet. Whether you've opened a new office, moved, or are opening for the first time, announce the details with an opening press release. The above press release is an excellent example of the announcement of the launch of a product aimed at consumer-focused media.

The headline of the press release is the part that you expect to appear on the front page of the media outlet. A process of relating your press release to something that is currently happening to make it more valuable to the journalist and reader. Like writing the perfect title for a blog post, preparing your press release for success starts with your title. As you can see, Johnson & Johnson's press release uses clear and direct bullet points so that readers can capture all the key information before continuing to read on.

To guarantee its customers the security of their data and the company's measures to safeguard them, the company published press releases informing customers during the stages of the processing process, such as this one in which it informed its customers of the ongoing investigation. The launch of TikTok on the launch of its Dare Me application, for example, mentions in the second paragraph how users can interact with each other and monetize content through the platform. Twitter is full of journalists who regret press releases or proposals that don't clearly explain what the company is doing or what the announcement is really about. Ultimately, companies want to provide enough information so that the media have enough material to publish their own stories about what the company announces in the statement.

The press release can be powerful for companies and brands that need to communicate with the public through the media. In this press release announcing the expansion of its team and offices, venture capital firm Flourish shares photos of some new employees at the top, immediately attracting readers. Press releases are an important component of event marketing to attract promotions from the media and other media. .

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